BOOK REVIEW: Purple Prose: Bisexuality in Britain: Kate Harrad

July 29, 2016

Purple-Prose-website-bannerPurple Prose: Bisexuality in Britain

Kate Harrad

Purple Prose: Bisexuality in Britain is a great and far ranging anthology looking at all the myriad aspects of the day to day and night to night life of a bisexual person in the United Kingdom.  It’s also the first of its kind: a book written for and by bisexual people in the UK There’s a wide range of experience represented here, through interview, essays, poems and stories but it’s also wonderfully intimate, relevant and honest.

Often an anthology particularly one with such laudable aims as this one can drift and try and get too much in, but the clear focus on the personal, the immediate and the experiences of Bi folk in Britain keeps the narrative focus tight.

29362988Editor Kate Harrad has picked some seriously entertaining and interesting stories from different cultural and ethnic perspectives along with challenging insight into non monogamy, gender queerness and disabled experiences.

Harrad has managed to keep the personal at the fore which makes the readers journey a pleasure, the book itself a relevant commentary on contemporary British Bisexual experience and a must read for Bi people and their allies from across the LGBTQ world.

An important and entertaining book.

Out now, paperback.


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