BOOK REVIEW: Pages for Her: Sylvia Brownrig

June 13, 2017

Pages for Her

Sylvia Brownrig

What happens to the love of your life if you’ve lived most of your life without her?

Pages for Her is the story of two women, Flannery and Anne, each at a personal turning point, and the circumstances that lead to their reunion. Twenty years after their passionate affair, chronicled in Brownrigg’s earlier novel Pages for You, Flannery has the chance once again to meet Anne, who opened young Flannery up to the possibility of love—then left her heartbroken.

Having long ago put their love behind them, they live now on opposite coasts. When the two women meet at a conference, they find that the passion and understanding between them has endured, though it has been hidden. In rediscovering each other, they are able to rediscover themselves. This beautiful book is a soft, pure and very gentle exercise on the nature of love and how time can erode the reasons we give ourselves for not allowing it to blossom and remove the barriers of status, experience and comprehension by sharing them out equally.

Pages for Her is an exhilarating, passionate work that explores marriage, sexuality, and the transformative power of love over time and the way two women face the slow burning truth of their lives, their relationships and the utter delight of honest ownership of powerful experiences and truth,  it’s also  Brownrigg’s sequel to her 2001 novel, Pages for You – taking the same two people, but this time looking at things from a different persons perspective and though the honest lens of time. 

This book left me touched and aching to read its predecessor, it shows the development of love and understanding as life moves on and how women learn to accept, empower and inspire the people around them.  Pure summer delight!

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