BOOK REVIEW: Nick & Greg: John Roman Baker

November 1, 2016

nick-greg-print-slider-image-1Nick & Greg

John Roman Baker

Local author and playwright Roman Baker has brought us this fun, honest and illuminating insight into these two young men’s coming of age and dealing with their burgeoning sexualities. It’s set in Brighton (where Baker himself grew up), in the 1950’s when the UK and the city was a very different place, but it’s a place we can recognise enough to feel part of. The pair of protagonists find the secret thriving world of the gays in the city and become an active part of it.

Nick and Greg both grab the opportunities that being young and queer offer them but in different ways and the impact and fall out of their choices on their family, and their own relationships are vividly displayed as the narrative slowly unwinds to its climax.  Baker shows his usual witty deconstructive humour in addressing the social changes of the time and his eye for detail brings the characters to stark in-your-face Sussex life.  A lovely read.

john-roman-baker-brighton-2016Nick & Greg is the first of a promised trilogy from this engaging author and although the narrative is dealt with in an honest way we are left with a feeling of knowing the characters enough and wanting to know what will become of them, as they grow, we grow to know and love them and I look forward to reading more of the adventures of these two tender tearaway queers.

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Nick & Greg by John Roman Baker

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