Book REVIEW: Honey Girl Morgan Rogers

March 14, 2021

Honey Girl

Morgan Rogers

This is a cracking debut novel, heart-warming and a joy. We ride along with Grace as she hits Vegas to celebrate working flat out on her astrophysics PHD, feeling squeezed tight under her families hard-working high-achiever expectations of what a woman like her ‘ought to do’ on out of character girls weekend which seems like a necessary indulgence. The pace then stampedes, the narrative whirls ( it’s Vegas….keep up)  she meets a woman, gets drunk, marries her. Reeling and deciding to move across the continent to New York with the wife she’s only just beginning to know.

Rogers writes with warmth, her prose giving us an intimacy with the characters dreams, aspirations, the breathless passion of abandoning yourself to hot, wild love and how these passions clash and crash when the hard work of daily life comes calling.  The narratives thumps along and feels real, these characters are sweet and want things we all want, love, understanding, acceptance, but also understand that to get there, we need to look back, at how we were and where we came from, deal with unfinished family business and then take strong firm strides out into the new world we create for ourselves when we accept who we are, and tenderly clasp the love offered by others when we finally embrace the radiance of self-love.

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