BOOK REVIEW: Highland Fling by Anna Larner

January 15, 2018

Highland Fling

Anna Larner

With its eye catching cover artwork from Sheri Halal this is one of those books that breaths ‘good reading’.

In this lovely debut book we follow the romantic adventures of Eve Eddison before she travels to the Scottish Highlands. There she falls, hard, for an enigmatic Forestry officer, Moira Burns.

Eve and Moria have loads of baggage, they hug it close, both reluctant to give it up, face their daemons and move on, Moria more than Eva,  and the book examines, with warmth and humour if either of them can get past pain for present pleasure. From the breath-taking Highlands of Scotland to the buzz of a Leicester gay bar, family and friendship are tested to breaking point as the narrative pressure builds in this wonderful engaging Lesbian romance by novelist Anna Larner.

The author Larner has the perfect ear for a certain type of LGBT space, and weaves a convincing queer & lesbian psychogeography into the narrative,  and her own experiences and previous work with archiving and creating  space for LGBT history to be shared gives this book an authentic feel, not just in tone, geography and accent but also the emotional honesty that marks this book out as such a charming read.

Out now. 

you can see more info or buy the book here.