BOOK REVIEW: Fruit: Recipes that celebrate nature by Bernadette Wörndl

July 12, 2018

Fruit: Recipes that Celebrate Nature

By Bernadette Wörndl

This is a beautifully designed and sumptuously photographed cookbook with 240 full colour pages which shows how seasonal fruit harmonizes and enhances many vegetable and meat dishes.

We associate fruit in recipes with preserves, cakes, and desserts. Fruit can be an incredible complement to savoury dishes. We love classic pairings, such as lemon and chicken, apple and pork, and cranberries and turkey, but there are loads of combinations we’re missing out on.

Wörndl -a brilliant cook and food stylist shows you how to best incorporate fruit into everyday cooking.

Arranged alphabetically by the main fruit used in the dish—twenty different fruits, as well as dried fruits—the 120 delicious recipes themselves are contemporary versions of Mediterranean classics.

This book is a splendid addition to any cook’s collection.


Size: H:28.7cm, W: 20.7cm

Out now £25