BOOK REVIEW: Destination Pride by Andrew Collins 

August 24, 2022

Destination Pride

Andrew Collins

This travel sized book, part of the ‘Destination’ series is a celebration of freedom and of the progress that continues to make it both safe and inspiring for Queer people to explore parts of every continent. LGBTQ+ travellers know the importance of feeling safe and included when away from home, author Collins shares curious and essential quintessential travel experiences in this beautifully illustrated guide.

The LGBTQ travel landscape has undergone a transformation, now discerning queer travellers can grab a film festival in Mumbai, watch a procession of canal boats during the world’s only floating Pride Parade in Amsterdam or enjoy epic road trips, romance vacations, foodie adventures. Chapters are organised by theme, including invaluable tips from how to spice up your vacation by choosing the right LGBTQ dating app to planning your same-sex destination wedding.

From Cape Town to Copenhagen, destinations in every corner of the globe have become vibrant and inclusive gay meccas. Stuffed full of engaging lavender hued illustrations by artist Wenjia Tang which give the book a classic feel.  Their illustrations remind me of travel books i used to read as a child, vivid, stuffed full of detail and images which draw your imagination in.  Check out their Insta

You’ll also find guidance on navigating those parts of the world where LGBTQ travellers don’t enjoy legal protections or social acceptance and still confront injustice and prejudice.

Collins has written a fair books on trvale and you can check out his interesting travel based website here.  which is full of  post-covid up to date LGBTQ+ and Queer guides to most North American destinations and info about his other books.

Out now, hardback:  £10

For more info or to buy see the publisher’s website here: