BOOK REVIEW: Bitch Doctrine – Essays for Dissenting Adults: Laurie Penny

August 23, 2017

Bitch Doctrine

Essays for Dissenting Adults

By Laurie Penny

Noted British feminist Laurie Penny is a writer who tackles gender, sexism, identity, and power issues in a world being laid waste by “kamikaze capitalism.”

From her opening premise that ‘toxic masculinity is killing the world’ you’ve got a really clear idea of where this elegant, refined and ruthlessly researched, argued and targeted seriously funny set of rants are going, and they’re aiming to the heart of the matter. Penny keeps the beat of clear-headed truthful argument and keeps it strong, undermining and exposing the lies and complex deceptions meant to pit us queers, women, Trans folk, black, older and others against each other.

She is convincing on the demands and degradations of our power structures and the harm it is doing, knowingly to our lives, bodies and world and Penny is clear on what needs to be done to right these apparently endless wrongs.   Each of these articles is framed and filled with insight and empathy, Penny gets it. Her urgent convincing arguments should be on every school syllabus and younger LGBT+ people should be bought this book to arm them for the arguments that attempt to batter and dismiss their existence.

Penny gives not only hope, but ideas. Filled with power and truth this book was a blast of trumpets against the walls of privilege and in all of this she’s funny, engaging and takes a hard poke at us and our world views with a wonderfully sly smile on her face.

Seriously good reading.

Out now £12.99

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