Award-winning Brighton-based speaker and speech coach reveals his secrets with launch of new book

Paul Gustafson November 4, 2016

Steve Bustin, the Brighton-based professional speaker and speech coach, launched his new book at an event at Café Plenty in Brighton on November 2.


The Authority Guide to Presenting and Public Speaking is Bustin’s first book and promises to reveal everything you need to know to give an engaging and compelling presentation or speech.

The book is part of a new series of business titles under the Authority Guide brand published by SRA Books.

In his new work, Bustin sets out his approach to writing, honing and delivering presentations, whether you’re addressing an internal meeting, pitching to clients or speaking at an event.

Bustin is also working on a second title for the series: The Authority Guide to PR for Small Business, due to be published in May 2017

Steve Bustin was named UK Speaker of the Year 2015 by The Professional Speaking Association. He is an expert in media and communications, has spoken at business conferences and events across Europe, and is also well known on the Brighton business scene as a compere and speaker at Chamber of Commerce, ProfitNet and other business events.

Bustin also works with businesses to help develop and maximise presentation skills, social media skills and media interview skills. He also works as a one-on-one speech coach.

Steve says: “I’ve been presenting, training and speaking in public for many years and even tried my hand at stand-up for a few years, so I know how to connect with an audience and how to make sure they not only have a good time but also take away things they can use in their lives and businesses immediately. This book is my chance to pass on everything I’ve learned to the huge number of people who either don’t like presenting or just avoid it altogether. These days presenting and pitching are essential business skills, whether you’re employed (especially as many job interviews now include a presentation) or running your own business, where speaking in public is a great way to promote your product or services.”

The Authority Guide to Presenting and Public Speaking is available on Amazon, iTunes, and from City Books on Western Road, Brighton.

To order it from Steve’s website, click here: