Accessing Brighton & Hove library services during lockdown

Rachel Badham November 12, 2020

Hove Library

All Brighton & Hove library buildings will be closed until December 2 due to the latest coronavirus lockdown, however it is still possible to access library services. Home delivery is available to those who need it and more information about this can be found by phoning 01273 290800.

For those who are able to access Jubilee and Hove libraries, there is an order & collect service providing a selection of books based on your preferred genre/subject matter which can then be collected. The order & collect service can be accessed online or by emailing Those collecting books are required to wear a face covering unless exempt.

The range of free online resources includes eBooks, eAudiobooks, eNewpapers, eMagazines, eComics and  activities for children, all of which can be found here. Families with library membership can get a free 12-month subscription to educational entertainment app Hopster, aimed at young children. Those without a library membership can easily register online.

Activities and events are still taking place online, with more information available on the Brighton & Hove  libraries Facebook page. Book lovers are also welcome to join a group chat organised by the local library services.