Art show by Karol Michalec & Jakob Belbin

Graham Robson April 15, 2013


‘Just Because Things Break Doesn’t Mean They’re Broken’, a painted pottery show and sculptural work exhibition, will be at the Painting Pottery Gallery between April 16 till May 5.

This joint collaboration features the “disturbingly beautiful” work of both Jakob Belbin and sculptor Karol Michalec and will take on the concept of piecing together life experiences and images and translating them into fragmented and sometimes three dimensional works encapsulating experiences, inspirations, observations and reactions to the modern world.

These ideas are carried through into the work of Karol Michalec who combines functionless, disused objects to create intricate yet striking sculptures.

In the run up to the exhibition 100 segments of broken plates will be given away to the unsuspecting public, covering the streets of Brighton with a blanket of small scale works. Each piece will be labelled with instructions of what to do upon discovery.

Refreshments will be provided on the opening day.

Where: Painting Pottery Café, 31 North Road, Brighton, BN1 1YB.

When: April 16 till May 5.

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