Aneesa Chaudhry to bring Eastern vibe to the Brunswick

December 3, 2021

Well-known for her work with local choirs, as a professional singer for LGBTQ weddings and funerals and her confidence-building workshops, Aneesa Chaudhry has bounced back with renewed vigour following lockdown and has a major gig coming up at the Brunswick Pub on December 5, featuring her Eastern Flavours Band.

The line-up for her band involves jazz pianist John Crawford, percussionist Demi Garcia Sabat and sitar player Jonathan Mayer. The latter she hasn’t worked with before but heard while doing some voluntary work with the London Street Orchestra. She said: “There’s something about my Asian roots that when I hear sitar I feel like I want to do something with that again.”

The result is intended to be an “Easternflavoured vibe in Brighton with a diva people might know locally. But we haven’t had this mix of sound for a while.”

Aneesa continued: “On the gay scene, for example, I can’t think of anyone who’s done this. It’s really nice to remind people of what’s on offer.” And the gig is about more than the sound, she emphasises – it’s also about bringing together “in a melting pot” a variety of elements, including her cultural and LGBTQ roots, to “give people the opportunity to hear quality music in one of our local venues that needs to be supported as much as any business that’s coming out of the pandemic”.

Aneesa Chaudhry’s Eastern Flavours Band is at the Brunswick Pub, 1 Holland Road, BN3 1JF on December 5 at 2 pm. For more info and tickets check out the event page.

For more info on Aneesa, visit: her website