OPINION: Queer I Come – The C.U.N.T Of Brighton’s Drag Scene

Besi Besemar February 25, 2019

Brighton is generally known as being one of Britain’s quirkiest cities with eccentricities like independent queer events and independent fashion companies on every street. Brighton is a brilliant place to let your pride and freak flag fly.

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OPINION: Queer I Come 

Violet Valentine January 13, 2019

THERE’S a disturbing link between the risk of mental health issues and the queer community. People who are LGBTQ+ have a higher risk of mental health issues than cisgender heterosexual individuals. These statistics are often glazed over but the evidence is obvious in the statistics about trans well-being and the life expectancy of those people.

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QUEER CORNER: Ready or Not – Queer I Come

Violet Valentine November 2, 2018

Violet Valentine (Zoe Anslow-Gwilliam) – I guess it is time to introduce myself to Gscene readers.
I’m also Violet Valentine, an AFAB queen. For those wondering what AFAB means; AFAB means ‘assigned female at birth’, however, it can mean a fab(ulous) queen if you want it to!  I’m here to represent and showcase the new era of all things queer and creative on behalf of Gscene.

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