FEATURE: The Power of the Swifties: How Taylor Swift’s fans embrace and embody her fashion choices

July 28, 2023

Swift’s decision to re-record Speak Now is part of her ongoing effort to regain ownership and control over her music. After selling her original master recordings, she has taken the initiative to recreate her past catalogue on her terms. The self-written version is a testament to her artistry and dedication to her craft.

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Evermore: Taylor Swift surprise drops another album

Alex Klineberg December 14, 2020

Miss America may seem almost too perfect with her flawless good looks, super celebrity status and wealth. But her naysayers have no doubt been silenced in 2020. Having produced two brilliant albums of self-penned songs in a year is impressive. Her tales of lost loves and found loves have a universal quality. You can relate to what she sings about, even if you’re not American royalty.

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