Inverness or Bust

Rory Finn October 3, 2021

Rory Finn uncovers an untold tale of trans history: Inverness or Bust is an incredible story of friendship, allyship and Trans Pride set in the backdrop of 1970s Britain. Currently in production, this documentary feature film focuses on a historic road-trip that a group of transgender people took in 1975 to visit a sympathetic doctor in Inverness, Scotland.

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Community News

Lunch Positive and World AIDS Day

Gary Pargeter December 18, 2018

December was an exceptionally busy month at Lunch Positive, the weekly lunch club for people who are HIV positive. It started with huge appreciation given by the members and volunteers following the empowering speech made in Parliament by Kemptown & Peacehaven MP Lloyd Russell-Moyle about being HIV-positive for the last ten years.

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