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FEATURE: Mindout – Breaking point or breakthrough point? 

June 3, 2018

Just when David thought things couldn’t get any worse… He’d been feeling low for a while, he’d lost a close friend last year, and his relationship with his partner Will had ended a couple of years ago. They were together for seven years and David thought things had been going really well until Will talked about wanting different things. That’s when things really changed for the worse. 

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FEATURE: MindOut – We need to talk about…..suicide

May 25, 2017

Many of us will have considered suicide at some point in our lives. Many of us will be living with a degree of suicidal distress, some on a daily basis. Many of us will have seriously considered acting on those feelings. Many of us will have tried to kill ourselves. Many of us will know someone who has tried or who has died.

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