The majority of LGBTQ+ people have ‘No religion’, the Office of National Statistics confirms

Graham Robson April 4, 2023

LGBT Humanists has said that the results were ‘unsurprising’ but underline the need for recognition of humanist marriages in England and Wales, as an issue that disproportionately affects same-sex couples, the majority of whom have no interest in marrying in a religious setting.

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Community News

Census 2021 a “crucial” snapshot of LGBTQ+ population of England and Wales

Graham Robson January 6, 2023

The latest census figures (Census 2021) have revealed Brighton & Hove is the local authority with the largest LGB+ population among those aged 16 years and over (10.7%). Seven of the other local authorities in the top 10 were in London, with the largest LGB+ populations residing in the City of London (10.3%). 

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New data shows 3.1% of people aged 16+ identify as lesbian, gay or bi

Graham Robson May 25, 2022

The release provides ‘experimental statistics’ on sexual orientation in the UK in 2020 by region, sex, age, marital or legal partnership status, ethnic group and socio-economic classification, using data from the Annual Population Survey

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