General News

Black trans woman murdered in New York City

Rachel Badham July 30, 2020

Those who knew the victim described her as a ‘beautiful soul’, and she is now one of at least 23 transgender people who have, according to the Human Right Campaign, been killed this year in violent attacks. The majority of these victims were black women, and many of the crimes were not widely reported.

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Community News

OutRight Action International ‘stands against racial injustice’

May 31, 2020

Jessica Stern, Executive Director of OutRight Action International, releases a statement saying the organisation stands against racial injustice.

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REVIEW: Murder, Margaret and Me @ Devonshire Park: Eastbourne

October 23, 2019

All three excel at bringing these formidable characters to life, but as real people, as women of their time and in context but allowing us to absorb their personal attitudes and gain some understanding, although not much, about them as people.

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