LIVE REVIEW: Siren start a revolution @The Brunswick

Ray A-J November 10, 2018

“For all those abusers not yet named, we warn you, your days are numbered,” challenge the all female eighties punk feminist band Siren, as they stir us into a revolution with their catalogue of anarchistic anthems at The Brunswick. AH, THE EIGHTIES. A wonderful time full of punk-ass rebellion; an eclectic jungle of musical genres […]

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General News

Progress from Council on International Women’s Day

Besi Besemar March 7, 2018

New gender pay gap report published by Brighton & Hove City Council on International Women’s Day shows women working for the council on average earn 6% more than men. This means that the council is bucking a global trend by being one of a handful of local authorities where women can expect not to earn less than their male counterparts.

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