Community News

LETTER TO EDITOR: Don’t reward bigots and homophobes with grants

January 24, 2019

Former owner of Fudges Restaurant on Brighton seafront calls for the offer of Social Impact fund grants to Kingscliffe Society and St James Community Action group be reviewed.

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Community News

Pride Social Impact Fund awards record breaking grants worth £45,000

Besi Besemar January 18, 2019

Community groups, charities and sports clubs are among dozens of organisations to benefit from more than £45,000 of grants gifted under the banner of the Brighton Pride Social Impact Fund (SIF).

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Business News

Walkout at public meeting result of homophobic undercurrents

Besi Besemar January 15, 2019

A public meeting called to discuss moving the Pride Village Party to Madeira Drive collapsed into chaos last night after perceived homophobic opinions expressed by the chair. The meeting, advertised on a poster in St James Street, attracted around sixty people to St Mary’s Church Hall in Kemp Town and was promoted jointly by The Kingcliffe Society and St James’ Community Action Group. 

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