Hester-Stefan Chillingworth presents Monster Show at Camden People’s Theatre – a re-dubbing of the audio from the iconic film Frankenstein in a trans act of purging outdated narratives

Graham Robson September 26, 2023

Opening on Halloween at Camden People’s Theatre, Monster Show considers the potential violence in how we read each other’s bodies, questioning why we crave so much to know what people look like to decide how we feel about them.

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Let’s #DoTheTimewarp… for The Sussex Beacon!

Graham Robson October 31, 2020

The Sussex Beacon launches #DoTheTimeWarp, a chance to bust out your best (or worst!) moves to raise vital funds for the charity’s Nursing Team.

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Brighton Bear Weekend

‘Cubbed to death’ this Halloween

Graham Robson September 25, 2019

It is time for the annual ‘spookfest’ that is the Brighton Bear Weekend Halloween Party. This year on Saturday, October 26 (the nearest Saturday to Halloween) the boys are back in the crypts of Subline.

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Fundraising News

Spooky Bears at Subline on Halloween

Besi Besemar October 26, 2018

The Brighton Bear Halloween party – Night of The Living Zombears 2 returns to the wicked depths of Subline tomorrow (Sat, Oct. 27), starting at 10pm – going on until the coffin lids shut.

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Community News

Sussex Beacon charity shops hold spooky secret Halloween auction

Besi Besemar October 25, 2017

Sussex Beacon charity shops on St James Street and London Road get in the Halloween spirit with a secret auction for a range of weird and wonderful items displayed in their windows.

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Fundraising News

HALLOWEEN: The Night of the Living Zombears

Besi Besemar September 18, 2017

The annual Brighton Bear Halloween party returns to the wicked depths of Subline on Saturday, October 28. This time it’s The Night of the Living Zombears. The team behind Brighton Bear Weekend will again be inviting you to dress up and party until the dead are rising out of the grave. There will be top prizes for the best costumes of the night and free vodka shots on the door. 

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PREVIEW: Welcome to my nightmare with Actually Gay Men’s Chorus

September 21, 2016

Following the sellout success of their Halloween performance last year, Actually Gay Men’s Chorus (AGMC) embrace their dark side once again as they bid you ‘Welcome To My Nightmare’.

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In The South

A confessional for your shame, a disco, and a show

Gary Hart October 29, 2015

Fire up your Halloween weekend as Traumfrau presents ‘Inner Demons and Out There Bogeymen’. A chance for you to exorcise your shame and fears via the medium of queer disco, at Envy, above Charles Street, on Friday October 30 from 9.30pm.

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