Stand with parents and teachers speaking out over plans to reopen local schools, say Greens

May 13, 2020

Stand with parents and teachers speaking out over plans to reopen local schools, say Greens, condemning Government for putting city’s children at risk

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In The South

Brighton’s Tory Councillors abstain on support vote for small businesses facing a ‘no-deal’ Brexit

Gary Hart July 31, 2019

Green Councillors on Brighton and Hove City Council condemn Brexit impact and lack of support for businesses, council and EU residents. Local Green Councillors claim that continued uncertainty over Brexit is putting residents, businesses and council funding at risk.

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Greens celebrate the contribution of the LGBT communities this LGBT History Month

Besi Besemar February 11, 2019

Greens are encouraging residents to explore, learn and celebrate the contribution of the LGBT+ communities through a series of events taking place across the city during February. This year’s LGBT history month marks 50 years on from the Stonewall Riots, a critical moment in the history of LGBT rights and community activism.

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In The South

Greens select candidates for Goldsmid Ward

Besi Besemar July 25, 2018

Brighton & Hove Green Party selects its candidates for the Goldsmid ward in the May 2019 council elections. They are Councillor Amanda Knight, Deputy Convenor of the Green Group of Councillors and spokesperson for the Corporate Parenting Board and campaigners Steve Moses and Mariana Ebel.

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In The South

Private landlords get richer under Labour say Greens

Besi Besemar July 13, 2018

As the cost of emergency accommodation in Brighton & Hove skyrockets, millions of pounds of public money is going into the pockets of private landlords. The alarming increase in the cost of short-term accommodation has prompted Greens on Brighton and Hove City Council to renew their calls for the Council to bring this service in-house.

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General News

Council spends £1.2m buying back property they originally sold for £190k

Gary Hart March 22, 2018

As Brighton & Hove City Council spends £1.2m to buy back property they sold for £190k – Greens say flogging off housing wastes public money. Green councillors are calling for lessons to be learned on future sales of council housing stock as the Labour Council prepares to buy back a property it previously sold for £190k at a cost of £1.2m in order to meet housing demand.

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In The South

Greens angry at new youth service ‘cuts’

Besi Besemar August 12, 2017

Greens councillors on Brighton & Hove City Council call for transparency as administration announce fresh wave of youth service cuts. The Green group have condemned the Labour administration for continuing to make cuts to the city’s youth service despite a city-wide campaign to save it that saw the budget for the work largely restored in February.

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