Vlog: Queer Jam gives Kylie’s new album, DISCO, a spin!

Queer Jam December 1, 2020

This is Queer Jam for Gscene magazine, where we look at the fresh and the fabulous music in the LGBTQ+ scene. Whether it’s local, or sweeping the nation, we’re bringing you the best songs for your daily soundtrack!

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Whitehawk Foodbank fundraiser @ Tempest Inn Brighton

Gscene Editorial Team November 15, 2019

DJs Wildblood and Queenie return to Brighton’s Tempest Inn with Decent, a fundraiser for Trussell Trust’s Whitehawk Foodbank on Saturday, December 21 from 9pm.

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MUSIC REVIEW: Global warming is taking over disco

Ray A-J November 26, 2018

Get ready to catch some rays of beauty from Sam Dickinson’s latest track Wild Sun. Be sure to wear some sun screen though – you don’t want to burn.   FOGGY. Everywhere is foggy. A thick smog suphocates the innocent land, steeling an essence of life from the air. Desperate rain drops plummet to the […]

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