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How’s Your Mental Health?

Davey Shields September 30, 2017

Whenever I think about that night. The strongest memory isn’t the shame or the sadness I felt. It isn’t fear of what would have happened had things gone to plan. It’s the outfit. The spot-on replica outfit of Olivia Newton-John in her Physical video – circa 1981 – and I can’t help but grin before being over taken by the grim reality of what so very nearly happened.

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FEATURE: Talking Heads – encouraging men with mental health issues to open up

Craig Hanlon-Smith February 23, 2017

Just how honest can two men with mental health issues be? Through their new venture MenTalkHealth, local gents Damian Friel and Davey Shields certainly try to be just that. Craig Hanlon-Smith met up with them both to chat about their new venture. Davey describes himself as a snowboarding, shirt lifting, media worker in his thirties, who has spent the last eight years trying to manage his diagnosis of depression and anxiety.

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