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Students help the homeless

Besi Besemar April 24, 2019

University of Brighton students promote a new app allowing people to give food and shelter to the homeless. ‘Pocket Angel’ will allow people to buy vouchers for a meal or accommodation by generating a six-digit code that a homeless person can use for food or a night in a shelter.

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In choosing life Sophie finds redemption, awareness and self love

Besi Besemar June 23, 2018

Broadcaster and political candidate Sophie Cook crowdfunds for the publication of her new autobiography Not Today: How I chose life. Sophie has also been flying the flag for diversity and inclusion as well as forcing the discussion about mental health awareness as an in-demand public speaker, delivering keynote talks and LGBT+workshops across the UK for high profile organisations including TUC, Kick It Out and Stonewall.

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‘Are you a boy or are you a girl?’

Besi Besemar October 19, 2014

Trans* activist Sarah Savage launches Kickstarter campaign to finance the printing and design of her first children’s book. Sarah is a writer, transgender community advocate and a few years ago took part in the Channel 4 documentary series called My Transsexual Summer. She said: “Are you a Boy or are you a Girl?’ is unlike […]

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