Man convicted of deliberately infecting sexual partners with HIV

Besi Besemar November 15, 2017

A man who deliberately infected at least five sexual partners with HIV has been convicted of causing grievous bodily harm. Darryl Rowe, 27, was also convicted of five counts of attempting to cause grievous bodily harm with intent following a trial at Lewes Crown Court.

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In The South

Brighton couple receive community orders following homophobic abuse

Besi Besemar October 30, 2017

Man and a woman sentenced to 12 month community orders, after yelling homophobic abuse in an ongoing neighbour dispute in Brighton. Lacey Lee (24) and her boyfriend Gary Corness (32) from Hadlow Close, Brighton were both convicted of public order offences, after the victim was subjected to the abuse in the communal garden in Warbleton Close by the pair.

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In The South

29% increase in hate crimes in England and Wales

Besi Besemar October 17, 2017

Those responsible for hate crime in Kent, Surrey and Sussex are much more likely to be convicted for their crimes than in other parts of the country. New figures show Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) South East, which handles these types of prosecutions in the three counties, has the second highest conviction rate out of 13 CPS Areas in the country.

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In The South

‘Hate crime’ perpetrators in Sussex receive tougher prison sentences

Besi Besemar August 24, 2017

Defendants in Sussex are being handed stiffer sentences because they have committed a hate crime motivated by prejudice. A total of 47 criminal sentences were ‘uplifted’ in Sussex between January and March this year. Crimes which are eligible for an ‘uplifted’ sentence are any that are motivated ‘wholly or partly’ by hostility based on perceived religion, race, sexual orientation or disability.

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General News

More convictions for Hate Crime in the South East

Gary Hart July 15, 2016

New figures show convictions for disability hate crime in the South East have seen a huge rise of more than 60% over the last year. The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) has released its Hate Crime and Crimes Against Older People Annual Report.

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