General News

Latest polling suggest Greens could send two South East MEPs to Europe

Besi Besemar May 23, 2019

Latest polling from highly respected YouGov shows the Greens in the South East are on track for the election of two Green MEPs in todays European elections.

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In The South

Greens angry at new youth service ‘cuts’

Besi Besemar August 12, 2017

Greens councillors on Brighton & Hove City Council call for transparency as administration announce fresh wave of youth service cuts. The Green group have condemned the Labour administration for continuing to make cuts to the city’s youth service despite a city-wide campaign to save it that saw the budget for the work largely restored in February.

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In The South

Greens vow to fight for workers and environment after Brexit win

Gary Hart July 3, 2016

Green Councillors in Brighton and Hove have vowed to fight against a bonfire of regulations which could be seen following the EU referendum result to leave the EU and will oppose any weakening of environmental protection or worker’s rights which may follow Brexit. The Green Councillors have expressed their concerns about the expected impact of Brexit on local government, but say “Brighton & Hove is determined to continue to act as a beacon of hope, tolerance and equality in an increasingly divisive world.”

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Community News

Greens join Pride’s ‘Carnival of Diversity’

Gary Hart July 27, 2015

Green Councillors to join thousands of revellers for the ‘Carnival of Diversity’ Pride Community Parade, celebrating 25 years of Pride in Brighton & Hove on Saturday, August 1. Green councillors, including Phélim Mac Cafferty, Alex Phillips, Louisa Greenbaum and Leo Littman will accompany the Green Party float which will be driven by their busman colleague Cllr Tom Druitt.

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