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AD FEATURE: The underwear brands that rocked summer

September 20, 2021

I think the headline might be a bit deceiving as I am not sure we can call the last few months summer.  We still have a few weeks left till winter, so we have everything crossed for some final rays of sunshine. 

Here at esmale we had been looking forward to the summer, especially now that we have been let loose again and lockdown is over.  We could finally be out and show some flesh, one of our favourite things about warm weather. Those that shop with us know by now that we are not just a gay sex toys store.  We also have a massive collection of underwear, fetish gear and essentials that make your adult fun even more enjoyable.   

We have added some great new underwear brands and styles this year and it looking like these three were your favourites:

Addicted Underwear
This brand has been a bestseller on the gay scene for many years.  Designed in Barcelona, the range is colourful and comfortable.  At Addicted they have a great eye for detail and many of their items have accentuating features allowing you to show of all your assets.  They also have a sub-collection called AD Fetish, which does what is says on the tin and caters towards a more hardcore look.

Breedwell Jockstrap collection
This brand is new to esmale but must have had some popularity in the UK as it started selling straight away.  Like the AD Fetish range the focus is on the more adult side of underwear. Besides jockstraps, they have some great briefs as well.  Some of their items have a very sexy removeable pouch feature for easy access. We import this range from the US so you can get it here in the UK.  Definitely a brand to watch and explore for all the naughty guys out there.  We will be added more styles soon. 

Bill and Brandon Underwear
Third place was a close call as Pump Underwear was also a contender.  As Bill and Brandon is a new underwear brand, we thought it might be nice to highlight them.  We also like the fact that they are UK-based.  It is a great range and really very comfortable.  This is one of those brands that you need to see on a man to discover how sexy it looks.  The designs are simple but stand out at the same time. 

There you have it, the three ranges that were the most popular in our store during summer. 

It is nice to see some new brands in there. Another trend we saw was that customers are liking their underwear a bit more erotic at the moment.  Backless briefs, enhancing underwear and easy access features are really in demand. Maybe this is because we have been ‘locked up’ for so long that all we want is to see and reveal some flesh, ready for action.

You can check out these and many more ranges in our store and don’t forget to have a look at our other areas as well, especially now that the sale is on.  This is also the case for our friends at Popper Super Shop for the best poppers UK.

For any questions feel to contact us by VISITING HERE. 

With love,

Team esmale