Zanzibar reunion party 2019 returns to its original home

Besi Besemar March 18, 2019

After two hugely successful reunions in 2014 and 2015, the 2019 Zanzibar reunion returns to its original home at 129 St James Street, Brighton currently the home of Subline.

ZANZIBAR opened its members club to the public in 1991, at a time when traditional pubs were getting a bit tired. Modern decoration, a graffiti seating area and fluorescent painted toilets made it a very different place to meet and drink. Varied music nights, pre-Club Shame drinks, the Blue Camel Club and alternative cabaret provided the backbone of what the club had to offer.

This reunion of old and new faces, including women at this usually men only club, will be a very mixed affair playing old school 90’s classic tracks as well as new remixes. With ‘Screwtopia’ (DJ Screwpulous and DJ iTopia), DJ Josh Sharp, Queen Josephine & Kate Wildblood.

£5 entrance fee with any profits being donated to Rainbow Fund, the local LGBT+ charity that gives grants to LGBT+ organisations who deliver effective services to LGBT+ people in the city..

Save the date Friday 28th June 28 2019.

Event: Zanzibar Reunion Party 2019

Where: Subline, 129 St James Street, Brighton

When: Friday, June 28

Time: 9pm – 2am

Cost: £5 with any profits being donated to the Rainbow Fund.