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White House preparing to tackle anti-trans bills

Rachel Badham May 8, 2021

The White House is preparing to fight back against the wave of anti-trans bills sweeping the US, the majority of which target young trans people. Despite president Joe Biden issuing an executive order to ensure young trans people equal access to school facilities and sports programmes, over 30 states are currently considering regulations to prohibit trans youth from participating in school sports and/or receiving gender-affirming healthcare.

Mississippi, Arkansas, Tennessee and West Virginia have already passed bills against trans inclusion in sports this year, with Arkansas also banning healthcare professionals from providing gender-affirming care for trans youth. Following the attacks on trans youth, a representative for Biden’s Department of Justice (DOJ) told The Daily Beast the government intends to “fully enforce our civil rights statutes to protect transgender individuals.” The representative declined to provide further details. 

Although it is unclear if the White House intends to sue the states in question, Human Rights Campaign president, Alphonso David, said the organisation is “having conversations with the Biden administration about additional actions that they should be taking as it relates to anti-LGBTQ+ bills that we’re seeing in these states.”