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Warwickshire Pride sets up food parcel scheme

Rachel Badham February 20, 2021

Daniel Browne, the chair of Warwickshire Pride, has set up an emergency food parcel scheme to help LGBTQ+ locals who are in need of essential goods, such as food and household items. According to Coventry Live, the scheme started out as a Christmas initiative, but Browne realised many LGBTQ+ people were still in need. The project has now helped 20 families in the Warwickshire area, with plans to continue into the foreseeable future. 

Daniel Browne delivering food parcels

Browne said there is a need for the scheme, as many struggling LGBTQ+ people may not want to attend local food banks or social supermarkets for “fear of being judged” for their sexuality or gender identity. He said that because Warwickshire Pride put a call out for those in need, LGBTQ+ people felt “safer reaching out”, adding: “The people who received them were just really grateful…It was quite heartbreaking to hear the struggles people were facing, it made a massive difference.”

A local Morrisons store recently set up a collaboration with Warwickshire Pride for LGBTQ+ history month, which will see staff donate toiletries and food to the LGBTQ+ organisation. Browne praised those who run emergency food schemes, tweeting: “It’s heartbreaking that food banks need to exist, but how wonderful that people run them, donate to them, and ensure that people who are struggling get support.”

A previous Warwickshire Pride event

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