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Voting opens in 2018 Golden Handbag Awards

Besi Besemar May 16, 2018

Online voting is now open for the 2018 Golden Handbag Awards.

There are a couple of changes to voting this year. Any individual who has won more than seven times in a single category will no longer be eligible to receive your votes and will receive a special Platinum Handbag presented by Gscene Magazine to recognise their achievements over the years.

This year this affects Miss Jason in the Favourite Entertainers (drag) category and Joan Bond in the Favourite Door Hostess/Scene personality category who between them have won a total on 17 Golden Handbags over the years in these two categories.

This decision was taken after consultation with the people it affects to keep the awards fresh and make sure the same people do not keep winning the same key awards every year.

The other change affects the two categories for Bar Staff. In the past you have been able to choose to vote for Favourite Bar Girl and Favourite Bar Boy. This year there will be a single category for Favourite Bar Person, but you have an opportunity to register two votes and there will still be two winners.

This decision has been taken to make these awards as inclusive as possible to those in the trans and non binary communities. In effect, gender is being taken out of the voting process in these categories. You just vote for your favourite two people be they male, female, trans or non binary.

To vote, click here: