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UK Pride train makes first journey

Rachel Badham August 25, 2020

The UK’s first train decorated with an LGBTQ+ Pride theme has made its first journey from London Euston to Manchester Piccadilly. The Avanti West Coast train is embellished with a rainbow flag and the slogan ‘live proud’; all staff members aboard the train identify as LGBTQ+. The 11 carriage train also features black and brown additions to the rainbow décor to represent BAME people in the queer community.

Train manager Paul Austin told the Daily Mail that it was important to represent the LGBTQ+ community that train services provide for. Although future crew members will not be exclusively LGBTQ+, the train has LGBTQ+ posters and literature on board for customers.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, many Pride events that would usually be taking place in July and August have been cancelled, some of which Avanti had plans to sponsor. The executive director of Avanti West Coast trains, Sarah Copley, said the Pride train was a symbol of the company’s ‘commitment to diversity and inclusion’.