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UK appoints first LGBTQ+ envoy

Rachel Badham May 17, 2021

Former Conservative MP, Nick Herbert, has been named as the UK government’s first-ever envoy on LGBTQ+ rights, meaning he will lead efforts to improve equality for queer people. Lord Hebert, who was one of the first out gay Tory MP’s, was appointed following the resignation of three LGBTQ+ advisors, leading to criticism of the government’s handling of LGBTQ+ issues. As part of his new role, he will lead an international conference on LGBTQ+ rights. 

Announcing Herbert’s appointment, prime minister Boris Johnson said: The pandemic has however exacerbated the existing inequality LGBTQ+ people experience globally, with violence and discrimination a daily reality for some. The UK government, with our international partners, believes this is the time to take collective, global action.”

Herbert added: “I am committed to the cause of promoting LGBTQ+ rights worldwide and I look forward to continuing that in my role as the prime minister’s special envoy and as the chair of the global LGBTQ+ conference. At a time when Covid has pulled many of us apart, the conference offers a real chance to bring people together and drive change for good.”