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Two more new trustees for Lunch Positive

Besi Besemar November 28, 2018

Every Friday Lunch Positive the HIV lunch club provides a weekly peer-led community lunch for people with HIV at Dorset Gardens Methodist Church, Brighton.

Chris Sarson
Chris Sarson

THE Board at Lunch Positive have appointed two new trustees Chris Sarson and Margot Uden who bring a wealth of governance experience in the voluntary sector, and important insights into living with HIV. With these latest appointments, the Board continues to diversify in terms of members, skills and experience.

Chris who has experience of buddying with AIDS support services in Leicestershire, is also joining the charities management committee. He has been a fundraising coordinator in the local voluntary sector and instrumental in fundraising for many local charities.

Chris said:I’m thrilled to become a Trustee of Lunch Positive and with the other trustees, service users and volunteers look forward to the charity’s continued success.”

Margot Uden
Margot Uden

Margot has worked in the voluntary sector both nationally and internationally on a range of initiatives that focus on engagement and empowerment through volunteering, and is particularly interested in peer support.

Margot added: “I have always had such admiration for Lunch Positive, what the team achieve together every week, and the impact it has on so many people’s lives. I am delighted to be part of the team and am looking forward to exciting times ahead for the organisation.”

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