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Trans woman seeks manufacturer to create safe and secure ‘tucking’ underwear 

Gary Hart November 28, 2018

UK-based transgender woman searches a manufacturer to help her create ‘functional but feminine’ tucking lingerie, for herself and possibly all transgender women who have not had gender affirming surgery.

THE woman has contacted a fashion manufacturer marketplace in a bid to find a designer and manufacturer that can create the ultimate ‘tucking’ underwear.

The woman, who wishes to remain anonymous, but signed her email off as ‘Bee’, has saved £2,000 to create a prototype of the underwear, with hopes the design can be mass-produced for the transgender female market.

Manufacturers and designers who think they can help can view Bee’s email and register interest at:

The request was sent to online manufacturing marketplace Sewport last week, asking if the site knew of any manufacturers or designers willing and able to help create feminine ‘tucking’ lingerie for transgender women. Unfortunately, Sewport has been unable to find an existing manufacturer and designer on the site, so with Bee’s permission has released her request to the public.

Bee’s email details her struggle with current ‘tucking’ methods and how she’s concerned about the medical implications of them. She also says she’s tried the ‘gaff’ method, which is makeshift underwear, but finds it doesn’t provide enough security. Neither method makes her feel like a woman either, and that’s her main motivation for creating something ‘functional and feminine’.

Initially Bee was only interested in creating something for personal use, however now she is hopeful that if her prototype is a success, she can launch a range of feminine and bespoke lingerie for all transgender women.

There isn’t any medical research that indicates ‘tucking’ is harmful, however transgender women often say it can be uncomfortable and medical experts have said that regular tucking can lead to urinary tract infections, skin infections and in severe cases infertility when the testes are pushed up into the inguinal canals*.

Sewport connects small to medium-sized fashion brands with manufacturers, enabling them to create designs and garments from clothes to handbags, in an easy and cost-effective way. Boris started the company after realising there was a gap in the market for a ‘one-stop-shop’ manufacturing marketplace for new and established brands.

Boris Hodakel
Boris Hodakel

Boris Hodakel, Sewport founder, said: “I am really proud that Sewport is fast becoming the place to go if you have a fashion solution to a very real problem, and although Bee doesn’t have the solution yet, she is trying to work with people who might, and willing to put her savings into making it happen. It’s very admirable and I hope we can help her find a suitable designer and manufacturer, because I can see the value a garment like this would add to transgender women’s lives.

“I implore any designer or manufacturer who has experience in the lingerie market to get in touch. It doesn’t matter if you don’t know how the garment would look or functionally work, Bee is open to any sort of discussion, and I’m sure from her personal and your professional experience, something great will happen.”