Trans Social Club to present ‘Found in Translation – In Conversation’

Graham Robson August 21, 2020

The Trans Social Club is to host free event Found in Translation – In Conversation, featuring artists included in the Found in Translation online exhibition, on Wednesday, September 9 from 7pm

Presented by Trans Creative, Found in Translation is an online exhibition which showcases 12 non-binary, transgender and queer visual artists from the UK and North America.

Working across a range of mediums to address the language of gender and queer perspectives, the exhibition celebrates non-heteronormative activism and diverse masculinities, and explores the evolution of the trans and non-binary gaze. Launched as part of Trans Vegas Festival, the exhibition will remain online until Monday, February 1, 2021 and features the work of Ria Brodell, Flo Brooks, Cassils, Adham Faramawy, Fox Fisher, Alex J Gardner, Ebenezer Galluzzo, Izzy Kroese, Sade Mica, Evan Schwartz, Buzz Slutzky and Chester Tenneson.

Found in Translation – In Conversation features a virtual curators’ tour with Chester Tenneson and Zorian Clayton, and a webinar interview and Q&A with four of the participating artists, including Ria Brodell and Izzy Kroese. To tune in, CLICK HERE or check out their Facebook page.

For more info, email or visit their website.