Trans Pride Brighton & Hove update

Graham Robson April 13, 2021

Organisers of Trans Pride Brighton & Hove have announced it will not hold an in-person event this year, but will instead hold an event online on Saturday, July 17, 2021.
In a statement, Trans Pride Brighton & Hove said: “It is with sadness that the volunteer-led committee has to announce the cancellation of our in-person Trans Pride Brighton event for this year. We are in agreement that unless everybody is fully vaccinated we cannot risk the health and wellbeing of our trans, nonbinary and intersex communities.
“We have decided to host a Trans Pride Online livestream, following on from the success of last year, with added improvements. This will be held on the same date of 17th July 2021.
“We appreciate your understanding and look forward to a time where Trans Pride Brighton can return, better than ever.
“Stay tuned for more info about Trans Pride Online in the coming weeks!”
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