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Trans activist Nona Conner dead at 37

Rachel Badham May 26, 2021

Nona Conner, a prominent trans activist based in Washington DC who fought for the rights of sex workers, has been pronounced dead at 37, as confirmed by a GoFundMe to provide for a memorial service. According to the fundraiser, Conner died on May 13, although the cause of her death has not yet been made public knowledge. It described her as a “bright star in so many people’s lives”.

Conner was known in her local LGBTQ+ community for her work at Collective Action for Safe Spaces, where she campaigned for greater protections for sex workers among participating in other relief programmes. Announcing Conner’s death, the community group shared a statement on social media: “Words cannot describe the magnitude of Nona’s significance in our lives. We will never be the same without her.”

It continued: “She gave endlessly and without hesitation, always reminding us to “be blessed, and a blessing.” Though she would sometimes get nervous, she loved speaking out in public against the violence black trans women faced, and frequently uplifted the humanity of sex workers.”  So far, the fundraiser for her memorial has raised over $25,000, with donators describing her as “a beautiful soul” who will “be missed dearly”.