Tories call for return of scratch card parking vouchers

Clock is ticking to reintroduce scratch card voucher parking scheme.


A petition championed by Conservative Councillors Vanessa Brown and Jayne Bennett has been launched to reintroduce scratch card voucher parking following ongoing concerns from residents and visitors regarding the current pay-by-phone parking system.

As highlighted in recent press, a significant proportion of the City’s residents and visitors are experiencing difficulties due to the increased use by the Council of pay-by-phone parking.

This particularly impacts on elderly people and those without, or who have difficulty using, mobile phones.

To make their lives easier, the Conservative Group is calling for the reintroduction of scratch card vouchers as a means of paying for parking in the city.

Under Council rules, if a petition reaches 1,200 signatures a debate can be had at the next Full Council meeting.

Cllr Vanessa Brown

Cllr Vanessa Brown

Cllr Brown said: “We felt we had a duty to organise a city-wide petition regarding the difficulties that the elderly and those without mobile phones are experiencing with the Council’s new pay-by-phone parking system. We will also be organising a protest at a future committee meeting to highlight people’s strong feelings on this issue.”

Cllr Jayne BennettCllr Bennett added:
“This is about giving residents and visitors a genuine choice over how they pay for parking in the City. If you agree then please sign the petition and help to secure a debate.”

To sign the ‘Reintroduce scratch card voucher parking’ petition, click here:

For further details of the protest regarding the pay-by-phone parking system, or to submit a paper response to the petition, email:


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