Tilda Swinton reveals she ‘considers herself queer’

Rachel Badham January 15, 2021

Award-winning actor Tilda Swinton, known for her roles Avengers: Endgame, Doctor Strange and We Need To Talk About Kevin, recently revealed she considers herself queer.  In an interview with British Vogue, Swinton said: “I’m very clear that queer is actually, for me anyway, to do with sensibility. I always felt I was queer – I was just looking for my queer circus, and I found it. And having found it, it’s my world.”

Swinton has been a long-time advocate for LGBTQ+ rights

She also said feels as if she has a chosen queer family: “Now I have a family with Wes Anderson, I have a family with Bong Joon-ho, I have a family with Jim Jarmusch, I have a family with Luca Guadagnino, with Lynne Ramsay, with Joanna Hogg.” Swinton has also spoken about her thoughts on gender identity and fluidity, telling The Women’s International Perspective in 2009: “My idea of identity is that I’m not sure it really exists…I don’t know if I could ever really say that I was a girl – I was kind of a boy for a long time. I don’t know, who knows? It changes.”

She discussed her role in 1992 film Orlando, where she played both a man and a woman, saying: “I’ve examined this idea [of identity not existing] laterally since Orlando and other pieces of work that I’ve made, when I’ve played with the idea of transformative gender… That whole idea of transformation is at the heart of what I’m interested in as a performer and not least through the idea of gender. It’s a very personal matter. I can categorically say that as Orlando does in the film: Yes, I’m probably a woman.