The Sussex Beacon service update

Graham Robson January 8, 2021

The Sussex Beacon has been supporting people living with HIV and their loved ones across Sussex throughout the previous lockdowns – 24 hours a day, all year, which has only been possible thanks to the support and help of donors, followers and contributors.

The Sussex Beacon wants to reassure patients, service users, supporters and family members that the Beacon will continue to deliver services and support whenever and wherever they are needed.

Bill Puddicombe, CEO of the Sussex Beacon, said: “All of the Sussex Beacon services continue to be available. Our hospital is open for referrals. Our day service groups on Tuesday and Wednesday continue to run at the Sussex Beacon, which is permitted within the new regulations. Our other services are available by phone or online.

“We know that this period will be another tough time for our patients and clients, on top of the extra stresses of 2020. We are always here to provide care, support and advice, when it is needed.”

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