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The Sussex Beacon and Peer Action to merge

Graham Robson June 8, 2022

Local HIV charities Peer Action and the Sussex Beacon have agreed to collaborate, to ensure that the activities provided by Peer Action can continue following the winding up of the charity.

The two charities will work together to create a place within the Sussex Beacon’s organisation, where the peer-led nature of Peer Action’s work will be preserved. The Sussex Beacon will use its resources where possible to facilitate the continuation of current activities and the addition of new ones.

Peer Action: Adriana Silva, Rob Hammond and Ian Seymour

On Peer Action winding up, its assets will be transferred to the Sussex Beacon, who undertake to restrict the use of these assets to the continuation of Peer Action’s activities.

A working group has been set up, including trustees from Peer Action and senior staff from the Sussex Beacon to oversee the transfer. Peer Action’s users will receive regular bulletins on progress.

Jayne Phoenix, the Chair of the Sussex Beacon said, “We are delighted to be working to secure the activities of Peer Action and to build on the fantastic work that the charity has done.”

Bill Puddicombe – the Sussex Beacon

Andy Baldwin, the Chair of Peer Action, added, “We believe that the spirit of co-operation between our organisations is the best way for the continuity and development of our activities and emphasis on user led approach.

“Having access to the extensive resources the Beacon has to offer will best ensure a lively and dynamic renewal and progression of our mission to promote well-being for all who wish to participate.”