The Gscene Readers´ ‘Sex in Lockdown’ Survey for all LGBTQ+ people

Gscene Editorial Team May 15, 2020

Covid-19, the lockdown and social distancing are affecting all aspects of our lives, including our sex lives.

We’re asking our readers to complete this anonymous survey, and to share the link with others to get as many authentic experiences of as many different people as we can to find out how our LGBTQ+ community is adapting to challenges to this important aspect of our lives.

There is also an opportunity to tell us your own story, anonymously, away from the statistics, about how you are coping and dealing with the impact of the crisis on your life and relationships.

The survey results, together with your own anonymous testimonies, will appear in the June issue of Gscene magazine. Meanwhile you can read the current issue online on our website.

The survey is completely confidential  with Gscene having or keeping no data about anyone who completes the survey, so please take a moment to fill it in and share your expenses with us, and the readers.

To complete the survey, click here and please share it around your friends and contacts,

thank you,  the  Gscene  team.