The Clare Project seeks neurodivergent TNBI people

Graham Robson January 16, 2021

The Clare Project, the trans support and social group, is producing a series of information booklets for the trans, non-binary and intersex community and is looking for ideas and feedback from the community for their fourth booklet in the series, Neurodiversity in the Trans Community, which will be a resource neurodivergent TNBI people can read themselves or share with their support networks to help them explain the experience of being at the intersection of these two identities.
The Clare Project is looking for four to five trans, non-binary and intersex people to attend a small online group consultation. They ask that you self-define as neurodivergent – for example, that you have an Autistic Spectrum Condition, Asperger’s, ADHD, or similar. You do not need to have been ‘formally diagnosed’ to attend. You can also be a carer of a neurodivergent TNBI person. You can also hate the term ‘Neurodivergent’ – the Clare Project will discuss what language is want to use in the consultation, and all opinions are welcome.
The consultation will take the form of two informal, hour-long sessions that will take place in the early evening and will use the online platform Zoom. You will need to be free at 6-7pm on Thursday, January 28 and Thursday, February 18. For your time, the Clare Project will reimburse you at a rate of £15 per hour.
PAs and/or carers are welcome to come on the chat with you. If you have any accessibility issues regarding the online platform please let the organisers know in advance. The Clare Project is unable to hold but face-to-face meetings.
To sign up, or for any further enquiries, contact Training and Development Worker / Group Facilitator Luka White on
For general enquiries about the Clare Project during this time, email