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Sussex’s newest scare attraction ‘Jack the Ripper’ opens

Besi Besemar July 1, 2019

Sussex’s newest scare attraction Jack the Ripper Walk of Terror opens at Phileas Fogg’s World of Adventures in Hollingbury, Sussex.

THE authentic handmade set offers a blood-curdling experience which will weave people through the smoke-filled alleyways of Victorian London. In the narrow streets and dark rooms hide actors who are poised to get hands on, make the pulse race, and the adrenalin rocket.

This one-hour experience in Brighton is not for the faint-hearted as it will uncover fears and shake the soul with a terrifying onslaught of the senses.

Graham Owen, Director of Phileas Fogg, said: “Since we opened last year we have entertained many families and groups with our experiences. The addition of the Jack the Ripper encounter brings a totally new dimension.  Aimed at those 18 and over, the scare attraction appeals to those who wish to step back in time to the world of one of the most prolific serial killers who was never bought to justice. 

“We look forward to educating and petrifying adult thrill seekers from across the world.”

Jack the Ripper Walk of Terror attraction costs £12.50 and is not suitable if you or anyone in your party have any type of health concerns or issues. Do not attend the attraction if you are not physically fit or have pre-existing medical conditions, pregnant, poor vision, claustrophobic or suffer panic attacks and especially any type of heart or respiratory condition or if you or anyone in your party are prone to seizures.

During the experience you will experience intense audio, lighting and extreme low visibility, strobe lights, fog and damp or wet conditions, there are steps within the experience so running is not an option.

Jack the Ripper Terror Walk is graphically disgusting and extremely adult in nature.  This is a physical experience therefore you may be touched, grabbed or moved around by the immersive team.

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