Support Little Gay Brother’s ‘Love is Not Cancelled’ campaign and raise funds for Opening Doors London

Graham Robson November 15, 2020

Leading London nightlife pioneers Little Gay Brother are to continue their Love is Not Cancelled campaign with the launch of limited edition prints and T-shirts, with a percentage of proceeds going to Opening Doors London (ODL), a charity that supports the LGBTQ+ over 50s community.

These latest releases make the perfect Christmas gift for the friends, family and loved ones we can’t see much of – not only spreading a powerful message of love and positivity, but also raising much needed funds for the older queer generation in their time of need.

Art Prints

Little Gay Brother collaborated with artist Charlotte Smith, aka Artwork by Blondie, and Bristol-based art house Fluorescent Smogg when creating these A2 prints. Each print is a limited run of 100 and the three designs each feature a unique finish, flock, iridescent and diamond dust. Prints will be on sale from December, selling for £90 from the Little Gay Brother website.


Following on from the success of the first Love is Not Cancelled T-shirt, which raised £10,000 for ODL, Little Gay Brother has now introduced two additional t-shirts to the range which will be available from Thursday, November 11.

Clayton Wright, founder of Little Gay Brother, said: “At the beginning of the pandemic, we raised 10k to help set up a telephone befriending service for ODL. It was so successful, ODL were able to help people all over the UK. The support we received was amazing, with huge names across music, film and comedy shouting about our efforts. But unfortunately, the work is not yet done. We’re still living in a pandemic, the older queer generation are still isolating, many living with low immune systems unable to go out, some hiding in fear. It’s our duty to help, otherwise the repercussions for the mental health of these individuals will be huge.”