Stop smoking: support for trans people

Rachel Badham November 13, 2020

The Brighton & Hove Healthy Lifestyles Team is offering support for trans and gender diverse local residents who wish to stop smoking. LGBTQ+ smoking prevalence in Brighton is considerably higher than the national average; up to 40% of LGBTQ+ local adults are smokers compared to 14% in the whole of the country. Stopping smoking can decrease the risk factors involved with Covid-19, and it is essential for those wishing to undergo transitional treatment.

Rikto Dean, a senior community health trainer, said: “Although we work with any smokers living in Brighton & Hove we are particularly keen to offer support to those planning reassignment as not only is it essential to be smoke free before surgery or hormonal treatment but we know that this greatly reduces risks of complications [such as cardiovascular and thromboembolic disease] and improves outcomes of treatment.”

One-to-one phone sessions with a health trainer can be arranged by calling 01273 294589. Online groups with a minimum of three people are also available during lockdown. More information about how to access support can be found here.