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Stonewall chief calls for Pride in London leaders to resign

Rachel Badham March 19, 2021

Stonewall’s chief executive, Nancy Kelly, has called for Pride in London leaders to stand down amid accusations of racism. The entire Pride advisory board and the director of communications, who was the most senior black member of the organisation, recently resigned and accused the leaders of contributing to this hostile environment and…failing to respond to complaints on racism and bullying.”

Stonewall cut ties with Pride in 2018 due to similar concerns, and Kelly has now released a statement, saying: “We support the calls from the community advisory board for a new leadership to take the organisation forward and for an independent investigation by the mayor’s office into the alarming accounts of marginalisation and bullying of volunteers, with publication of the outcome.”

Stonewall at Pride in London in 2015

Kelly also said that Stonewall will “continue to challenge the biases of a predominantly white leadership”, adding: “It is imperative for white-led organisations working for social justice to reflect honestly on the racism within our own institutions and take meaningful, concerted and sustainable action to address it.” Pride in London officials have not yet responded to the situation.