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Stonewall appoints groundbreaking new chair of trustees

May 1, 2020

Stonewall has appointed a new chair of trustees this week. Sheldon Mills, who is the longest-serving trustee, becomes the first person of colour appointed as Stonewall’s chair and replaces Jan Gooding. She had been chair for the past six years and will remain on the board as a trustee.

During his time as a trustee, Mills has been involved in many important decisions, including Stonewall becoming a trans-inclusive organisation in 2015 and the charity’s partnership with UK Black Pride.

Talking about his new job, Mills said he is ‘hugely excited and proud’. He accepts that his new position comes at a time when the LGBT community needs Stonewall more than ever as minority communities regularly seem to be the hardest hit when a crisis occurs.

‘If the history of our movement teaches us anything, it’s that the LGBT community is at its strongest and most resilient when we stick together and look out for one another,” said the new chair.

The outgoing chair said she is proud of the work that has been carried out by Stonewall in recent years. Gooding described her replacement as ‘an inspiring leader with a deep passion and understanding of the issues facing LGBT people’.

You can read a full interview with Sheldon Mills on the Stonewall website here.